Launch your coaching business in 28-days

From creating your website to forming an LLC, our all-inclusive service does EVERYTHING for you to jump start your coaching business...without breaking a sweat.

Next launch starts October 26, 2021!


Starting your dream coaching business should be easy!

If you're new to starting a business, you're likely going through some serious mind drama (we know, we've been there!).

You might be thinking, "Starting a business sounds so complicated!" "What if I fail?" "I can't do this, I'm not an entrepreneur" “Forget it! I’ll just work for someone else.” Sound familiar?

But deep down you really do want your own business because duh, that would be the coolest! So let’s just get this drama over with, shall we?

In 28-days we'll help you solidify your business plan, work through that mind drama, AND THEN launch your entire business for you. Pretty awesome, right?


Let's help you get that business off the ground

Stress free and easy as pie. Launching a business has never been easier. By the end of our 28-day program, you will have an entire business up and running.

For just $2,950, you will get:

4-Week Bootcamp

First, you and a small group will go through a 4-week instructor-led bootcamp that will focus on refining your idea, coming up with your business model, teaching you marketing skills, and so much more!

Full-Service Business Launch

During the bootcamp, our company takes care of EVERYTHING to start your business. We will: create your website, design your logo, set up your social media accounts, register your LLC, set up your accounting system, open a bank account, and more!

Our goal is to take care of the boring stuff for you so you can focus on the fun.

4-week bootcamp

Take your idea from thought to reality

During these 4-weeks, we are going to help you pick your perfect niche, develop your program, figure out your pricing, come up with a go-to market strategy, and then launch your company!

Along the way we will help you work through any mind drama and help you create the confidence to successfully grow your business.

You and a small group of fellow coaches will work with your mentor throughout this journey. The bootcamp will also include:

  • Weekly 1hr group meeting with your mentor
  • Weekly 30-min 1-on-1 coaching call to help you refine your idea
  • Exclusive Slack group access to connect with your peers and mentors
  • Tons of materials to help you refine your idea
Full-Service business launch

We do EVERYTHING to actually launch your company

Leave the nitty-gritty to us. As you work through the bootcamp, we'll make sure the rest of your business is ready to go!

Create your website

We will create a custom 4-page website based on one of our 5 amazing templates. Websites include your branding, stock images, payment processing, and custom SEO so people can find you.

Develop branding & logo

Pick from one of our curated color palettes or create your own. We will also design your logo and help you pick an amazing font that suites your business.

Register your company

We will help you come up with your company name and then register it as an LLC.

Create social media accts

Your company's Facebook, Instagram, and one other social media account will be fully set up, branded, and ready for you to start posting.

Set up your accounting

Tracking your accounting is a drag, but we'll make sure your QuickBooks is set up, bank account is opened, and your online payment processing is good to go so you can get paid.

Email automation

Make sure you're staying constantly connected with your clients with automated email campaigns. We will get your MailChimp set up and your first campaign rolling.

Next launch starts October 26, 2021!

Who we are

Hi, we're Maryn and Nate, a husband and wife certified dynamic due (Certified Life Coach and Certified Public Accountant – we’ll let you guess who is who). We have helped 60+ small businesses over the years in virtually every industry, at every size, in every part of the country. There is not much that can surprise us!

We are passionate about helping coaches successfully launch and grow their businesses. We look forward to helping you on your own journey!

Maryn is a fantastic business coach and helped me quickly figure out my niche and pricing. She is fun to work with and I always look forward to our sessions. I highly recommend her for any coach starting their business!

Convenient pricing for a convenient service

  • 4-week bootcamp
  • Create 4 page website
  • Develop branding & logo
  • Set up social media accts
  • Set up email marketing
  • Form LLC
  • Create bank account
  • Set up accounting system

$ 3950

  • 4-week bootcamp
  • Create 4 page website
  • Develop branding & logo
  • Set up social media accts
  • Set up email marketing
  • Form LLC
  • Create bank account
  • Set up accounting system

Program begins Oct 26, 2021!

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A la carte

Pay as you go

  • 4-week bootcamp: $1,000
  • Create 4 page website: $2,250
  • Develop branding & logo: $500
  • Set up social media accts: $250
  • Set up email marketing: $250
  • Form LLC: $150
  • Create bank account: $150
  • Set up accounting system: $250

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